Drimaster 365

All year round whole home ventilation that helps to heat or cool your home using external air drawn via your loft or directly from outside.

All year round ventilation

  • Drimaster 365 is a low energy positive input ventilation unit that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike conventional positive input ventilation units which only draw air from the loft, Drimaster 365 can also draw in air directly from outside.
  • This is particularly advantageous in warm weather, when a conventional unit would have switched itself off because of a high loft temperature, and especially on those warm summer nights.
  • Your unit control will automatically select air from either outside your home or loft or a mixture of both according to your selection by continually sensing the air temperature in each location.

Simple user control

All you do is select whether you want cooler or warmer air. Drimaster 365 will follow your instructions automatically.

Intelligent heat recovery

If, during the heating season, the temperature of heat available is greater than that in your home, Drimaster 365 will increase its airflow automatically and deliver even more free heat into your home helping to reduce your heating bills.

Suited for “cold roofs” and “warm roofs”

Unlike conventional positive input ventilation units that are only suited to a ‘cold roof” construction, Drimaster 365 is suitable for “warm roof” and “cold roof” installation. Please contact us for further details of “warm roof” installation.

Drimaster 365 can be upgraded

Drimaster 365 can be upgraded to Sunwarm Tile at a later date if required with the addition of an underside roof plenum (sealed chamber).

Other benefits

As outlined for the Drimaster 2000, Drimaster 365 provides: intelligent 4 way heat recovery, 5 year life filters, whisper quiet operation, 6 speeds and non disruptive installation.