Frequently asked questions

What is a Drimaster Home Ventilation System?
It is a small, ceiling space mounted, air cleaning/moving device that continuously inputs filtered fresh air into the dwelling from outside. The only ‘visible’ component when installed is the central input diffuser which is usually located in the central hallway/stairwell ceiling.
What does the unit do?
The unit will cure and/or prevent the problems associated with condensation in your home, providing a cleaner, healthier living environment for all occupants. The unit will prevent mould growth on walls, ceilings, furniture, clothes and curtains. The unit also eradicates the musty smells evident in homes with severe condensation problems.
How does it work?
Simply and efficiently. Outside air is drawn into the ceiling space where it is slightly warmed by the free heat in the ceiling space caused by solar radiation and the heat loss from the home into the ceiling space. This air is drawn into the unit, filtered and then ducted into a central area (typically the hallway/stairwell) of the dwelling. As the air is supplied into the dwelling it mixes with the warmer air that naturally accumulates at ceiling level taking advantage of the heat from this warm air you have paid for but are not making use of. This tempered, fresh, clean air then continuously and gently dilutes, displaces and replaces the air within your home. The result is a home free from serious condensation and a more pleasant and comfortable environment.
How much does it cost to run?
When you consider the advantages the unit will provide for you and the other occupants, the running costs are insignificant. The electrical consumption will be only a few cents a day. It should be remembered that the unit is making use of heat in both the ceiling space and at ceiling level that would otherwise be lost. Note: the unit will switch itself off when temperatures are such that condensation would not occur within your home, i.e. in summertime.
How do I operate the unit?
You don’t. The unit is completely automatic, switching from ‘normal’ to ‘boost’ and ‘off’ as required to make optimum use of energy.
What maintenance is required for the unit?
Very little. The only maintenance required is the replacement of the filters every five years. (The filter can also be vacuumed cleaned periodically if necessary.)
How will I remember to clean the filter?
A flashing red light on the remote sensor will indicate when the filters need changing.
How will I know if the unit is working?
The unit motor may be almost inaudible but you should notice a change of atmosphere in the hallway within a day or so. Within a few weeks any mould should start to dry out and eventually become a grey powder which can easily be cleaned. After a month your home will be a healthier environment, free from severe condensation dampness and probably more efficient.
What do I do if the unit stops working?
If the unit appears to have stopped working and there are no related condensation problems, then it is likely that the unit has switched itself off automatically to save energy, for example in summer. If, however, the unit is not working and there is evidence of condensation, please contact our 0800 DRIMASTER free phone service.
Useful Tips
To ensure the Drimaster 2000 operates efficiently:
  1. Avoid drying clothes on oil column heaters or indoor clothes lines.
  2. Avoid having tumble dryers venting into your home. Always vent to outside.
  3. Avoid using portable unflued gas heaters. Use a ducted rangehood when cooking with gas appliances.
  4. Bathroom extractor fans must be ducted to the outside rather than the ceiling space.